2009 First Place Winner, Ventura County Fair for Best Toffee!!!

I started making toffee as holiday gifts for my co-workers and as a little "extra something" for family and friends. Everyone that tasted it immediately said the same thing to me, "You have GOT to sell this, it’s the best I’ve ever had!"

Not only did they tell me that it was good, they loved how thin and crisp it is, unlike other toffees that are thick or chunky. People begged me for the recipe but I wouldn’t give it out because I knew that one day I would sell it.

At the start of the holiday season, co-workers and friends had to "remind" me to make it and my batches of toffee have increased every year. Then friends and family started asking me to make it as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day gifts and "just because" gifts, I knew I had to extend my services so that everyone can enjoy my homemade "Kaffree’s Toffee."

My name is Kathy but my dad used to call me Kaffree and I decided to use his pet name for my business since he is no longer with us.

I sell my toffee by the batch, which is about 1 pound. My toffee is made with only the finest ingredients and each batch is made from scratch to ensure the highest quality. Kaffree’s Toffee makes a great gift for friends, clients, family or yourself! I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends and family.

"Thank you so much for that WONDERFUL toffee!!! We couldn't stop eating it. I have your web address saved to my favorites so i can order some for every occasion."


At the recent Ventura County Fair, one of the judges saw my excitement when I realized I had won first place. She said she had to come over and congratulate me. She told me that she has been making toffee for years and sells it at her friend's shop. She said she had to keep tasting mine because she didn't want to admit that mine was better than hers!!! She congratulated me and said that mine is indeed the best!
A one pound box is only $20 and makes a great gift for any occasion.
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